Meet the Team

The key to Troake’s success has been the ability to attract the right management. Our commitment and expertise mean that we can confidently offer a service level that many other companies can’t reach.

At Troake we also pride ourselves on our commitment to industry standards, industry partnerships, and sustainability

Vince Troake

Director – [email protected]

Victoria Troake

General Manager Strategy and Innovation: [email protected]

Andrew Craigie

Painting Manager: [email protected]

Kevin Stuchbury

Scaffolding Manager: [email protected]

Jacob Troake

Ceiling and Partitions Manager: [email protected]

Brad Yee-Joy

Project Supervisor: [email protected]

Cameron Waugh

Project Supervisor: [email protected]

Toto Chanthavong

Project Supervisor: [email protected]

Quentin O’Brien

Project Coordinator/Health and Safety: [email protected]

Nick Just

Business Development Manager: [email protected]

Wallace Yu

Senior Quantity Surveyor: [email protected]

Joe Tahitahi

Finishing Supervisor: [email protected]

Karleen Craigie

Office Manager: [email protected]

Karla Harris

Financial Controller: [email protected]

Sarah Llewellyn

Human Resources: [email protected]

Lizz Lowans

Administration Assistant: [email protected]

Grace Tobin

Administration Assistant: