For Head Contractors

At Troake we deliver value to you, our head contractors, by minimising your risk and increasing your productivity.

Common Subcontractor Related Risks and Productivity Issues

Once a contract is awarded, as the head contractor, the key objective is to deliver the project within budget, on schedule and to the agreed quality. A significant risk to achieving this is your selection of specialist trade contractors.

It is common for us to hear of projects where head contractors have had to scramble to source new or additional specialist trade contractors due to poor performance of those initially selected for the job.

This leaves you with the threat of liquidated damages and unhappy customers to contend with unless they incur the upfront cost of sourcing other specialists to help complete the job on time and to an acceptable standard. Managing this fallout from underperforming specialists is:

  • Expensive
  • Creates lost time in the schedule
  • Increases the risk of liability disputes regarding quality of workmanship and any resulting latent defects
  • Wastes a lot of time from key personnel such as project managers and quantity surveyors whose time could have been much better utilised elsewhere.

The Troake Advantage

Are you sick of jobs not going to plan? Are you fed up of not being able to rely on specialist trades?  

At Troake everything we do is designed to reduce risks, making schedule, budget and quality objectives easier for you to achieve all whilst increasing the productivity of your key staff. The following sets us apart:

  1. When you use Troake you will have a dedicated, specialist project supervisor managing our multiple trades for you and with one point of contact you can rely on to get the job done. This presents our clients with several advantages:
    • We have expertise in each trade and fully appreciate how the quality of work in one trade influences the others. Our consistent quality assurance process across our trades minimises the risk of quality defects.
    • Reduced risk of liability disputes.
    • Improved efficiency and faster turnaround times
    • Reduced communication requirements and organisational efforts for project managers and quantity surveyors.
  2. We are a well-resourced company that has been around for 30 years and we plan to be for years to come. We believe strongly in building long-term partnerships so you can rely on us for business continuity and to deliver consistently on what we promise.
  3. Over the years we have forged a strong reputation for quality and integrity. We pride ourselves on and stand by the quality of our workmanship and our subject matter expertise and are confident that we reliably deliver a superior quality of work to give you peace of mind. With Troake, your risk of quality related defects is minimised.

We aim to be our head contractors preferred choice of subcontractor for our ability to reliably deliver what others so frequently cannot. We exist to be a subcontractor you can depend on to assist you in achieving your project objectives whilst also freeing up your time.