For Building Professionals


As an architect your reputation depends on your ability to craft creative designs that delight the end customer. The finish of the interiors has significant potential to impact a customer’s perception of the quality of a designed space and so it is important to understand which factors may be important to consider.

As wall and ceilings specialists, Troake has a vested interest in ensuring interior spaces live up to people’s expectations. We are always more than happy to be involved early in the design process so we can flag any design features such as critical lighting that could adversely affect the customer’s satisfaction and to provide some suggestions as to how this could be mitigated.

We are currently building our capabilities around interfacing with BIM models so we can better contribute to the early detection of any buildability or logistical issues in relation to our specialist trades thereby reducing any surprises further down the track. Please get in touch should you be interested in finding out more.


Project Managers & Quantity Surveyors

For project managers and quantity surveyors, we have made the job that much simpler. We offer the ‘5 trades in 1’ deal: insulation, ceilings and partitions, fixing, stopping and painting, as well as scaffolding and shrink wrap. This not only means one point of contact, but it also means a faster turnaround of these trades. By taking the hassle of coordinating and tracking these specialist trades off your hands, we leave you free to get on with the job, whatever that may be.

When you work with us, you leverage our 30 years of care, craftsmanship and quality control. We are constantly raising the standards to provide you with nothing less than the best and we give you peace of mind that when you have us involved you can depend on us to get the job done on schedule and to the required quality of workmanship.