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New home

At Troake, we understand the emotion of new home ownership; it is your prize possession, your largest investment. Building a new home introduces you to the construction industry which can be confusing, technical and full of new terminology. We like to remove the stress that this brings. Our team provide you with the guidance and advice you need, through the use of our extensive experience and expertise. We make the job of building a new home easier and as stress-free as possible.

New Home Building ProjectIn most builds time is of the essence, so efficiency and effectiveness are key. Because we handle in-house the lion’s share of the interiors, our team are well versed in seamlessly passing the baton from one finishing trade to the other. This ensures that each component of the finish is up to spec prior to moving on to the next. Troake prides itself on this demonstration of teamwork, which is the foundation of achieving that elusive efficiency and effectiveness unable to be achieved by others.